The Maurer Family

School was out for the summer, and Addison Maurer invited her friends over for an open-air celebration at her family’s home in Edwards. As…


There is a feeling a community gives you. A feeling of sense and being. Whether you are a local resident of the Vail Valley or spend your vacations here, the community and your home elicit emotions, strengthen bonds and create a place to connect, unwind and discover. Homes and the communities they’re in are where life happens and in the pages of this book, on our web site find that and by using #findthatfeeling you will learn about the people and families that construct the fabric of our neighborhoods, the feeling they had when they knew the home they were in would be the home they bought and the places and spaces that create memories. We invite you to Find that Feeling for yourself – we’ll be here to help you along the way!

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