Winner of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elite Circle Award

bhhselite380pxOn Tuesday we were awarded the BHHS network’s highest company honor, the Berkshire Elite Circle (formerly Gibraltar Circle), as one of the top real estate companies in arguably the most advanced and respected real estate networks in the country.  For the past two years we finished at #50 in the rankings, this year we placed 39th.  To put this into perspective, we were the smallest company (in broker count) to achieve this honor.  We compete with companies from a few hundred to more than 4,000.

This achievement is directly correlated to the work that all of you do – every day.  Our support staff, Jill, and all of our brokers collectively contributed to this honor.  Earlier this week in Las Vegas I had the good fortune of receiving the award on behalf of all of you, but it is clearly evident that it’s the work you put into your business that has allowed us to climb the ranks within this distinguished group.

What I do know is that if we were ranked on our passion, ethics, innovation and commitment to this business we would be the #1 company in the network.  So while we can embrace 39 and aim for an even better number next year, I choose to hold our place as #1 in this less tangible but ultimately more important category.  Great people doing great work is difficult to put a number on but know that you are among the absolute best – and for that I am beyond grateful.  It is a privilege to work with you each and every day – through the difficult challenges and the most satisfying sales.

Keep up your enthusiastic work, your unmatched service to your clients and collaborative work with each other and our competitors.  Great people creating great experiences will win out every time, not only in our market but in our network.




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