The Brown Family

Coloradans are known for their willingness to do just about anything to be outside and experience a healthy life. The Brown family is no exception. Katie Brown loves to train for trail marathons, while Jordan Brown is a triathlete, and their dog loves to go hiking. The Gypsum community is the perfect place for this young family to help with all of those wants and aid them in living their best lives. Let’s learn more about the Brown family:

Family Members: Drake Brown (28), Jordan Brown (26), Lolo (family dog)

What is your real estate broker’s name? Tanisha Bartlett

Date you purchased your home: 2/1/2019

Property Address: 1100 Buckhorn Valley Blvd. K-101, Gypsum, CO 81637

Why did you choose to purchase in the Buckhorn Valley Community? The location of this condo is perfect for us. We wanted to be close to trailheads and be able to live this lifestyle without having to drive since we both work multiple jobs and lead busy lives. This community helps with all of those wants to live our best lives.

What were the critical factors/criteria in your purchase decision? Live in the heart of the mountain with a price tag we could afford.

Please explain specifically when you knew/felt that the home you purchased was the right one? Our home felt right for us when our dog walked in and immediately got comfy on the couch our first day in. She is usually pretty nervous when we move around but that was not the case this time. We all felt relaxed and comfortable from that moment on.

What are your favorite aspects/rooms of your new home? For a smaller space, it is extremely efficient. We are able to put a full-size stackable washer and dryer in the laundry closet; the kitchen has brand new appliances, a huge bar/counter, and an amazing sink; each room has a ceiling fan; we love our fireplace; the storage space holds everything we need it to; we love our floors, cabinets, everything.

Where do you love spending time? The family room, patio, kitchen, and bedroom.

The Brown Family is feeling right at home in the Gypsum community where they have plenty of free space to train for their healthy lifestyle. For more information on properties for sale in Gypsum, please visit our website and take a peek at your next home.


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