The Maurer Family

School was out for the summer, and Addison Maurer invited her friends over for an open-air celebration at her family’s home in Edwards. As the elated kids sat in the backyard around a big fire, they took turns throwing piles of homework and papers from the past year. Their rejoicing and giggles lit up the yard with summer vacation’s joyous arrival. It’s a night that Addison’s mom, Dana, also remembers fondly. After all, isn’t a home meant for making memories?

Brian, Addison’s dad, and her brothers, Grant and Cole, weren’t far away, but Addison and her friends had the space to enjoy a little freedom on this evening. Like those times when the boys go up on the roof to hang out together, and when all the kids sleepover out back in the summer, or the whole family gathers outside on a weekend afternoon playing cornhole in the grass.

The Maurers have lived in the Homestead neighborhood for the past 20 years, and moved into their new home in the fall of 2016. After already loving the great parks, trails and athletic club the area offers, they finally found the perfect views and large lot on Russell Trail.

“We loved our home from the minute we walked in,” shares Dana. “We loved the dramatically high ceilings, the overall layout and views. When we saw the outdoor living area, we knew this was the right home for us.”

The space as a whole combines functionality with coziness; interior ambiance with outdoor spaciousness. While all the kids have their own rooms and bathrooms, Grant, Cole and Addison spend as much time as possible in the outdoor living area, and are often joined by their parents to share games and smiles in the sunshine.

The family installed raised beds for gardening after they moved in, and Dana often picks bountiful harvests like kale and carrots to serve on the table for dinner. In the warmer months, most of their meals are eaten outside on the deck.

Days are busy, but the memories made in this household are what soften the everyday bustle and make time for connection. The Maurer family just got a new puppy, too, so more fun is in the making.

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