The Rivera Family

Living within walking or biking distance to almost anything in Eagle is a huge benefit of living in the Eagle Terrace. Within minutes you’re able to access a huge network of trails, go dining at local restaurants, or shop at the great shops Eagle has to offer. This is one of the many reasons the Rivera Family loves living here and it shows both Katie and Jacob Rivera grew up in the area and have purchased three homes here. Let’s learn more about the Rivera family:

Family Members: Katie Rivera (32), Jacob Rivera (30), Harper Rivera (4), Brooks Rivera (1), Blue (Dog), Duncan (Cat), David (Turtle).

What is your real estate broker’s name? Laurie Slaughter

Date you purchased your home: 9/25/2018

Property Address: 270 Ring Neck. Eagle, CO 81631

Why did you choose to purchase in the Eagle Terrace? This is our third home purchase in Eagle/Gypsum, all with Laurie. Jacob and I also both grew up here. We purchased in the Terrace because it’s accessible by walking or biking to almost everything in Eagle. It’s an established and beautiful neighborhood, with friendly people. It’s close to trail systems and great for our recreational life and family activities.

What were the critical factors/criteria in your purchase decision? I wanted a home that I didn’t have to get in my car if I didn’t want to. Walking, running, or biking with the kids many or most of the towns great amenities were important to me. We didn’t want to pay high HOA dues an didn’t really want brand new construction either, a neighborhood with character.

Please explain specifically when you knew/felt that the home you purchased was the right one? We looked at half a dozen homes first and had almost stopped looking and we were going to commit to just fix up our current home a little, but we knew right away when this house came our way that it was meant for us. God had it all planned out.

What are your favorite aspects/rooms of your new home? The previous owners built it themselves so there are so many nice touches because they had a lot of pride in how their home looked. Things like under-counter lighting, in-floor heating, beautiful tile just make the home feel like a quality home. It’s beautiful on the outside as well, with great attention to landscaping. The master bedroom and bathroom are probably my favorite and the kitchen is great too.

Where do you love spending time? We have two little kids so we move from room to room playing and making a mess and then retracing our steps to clean up so I get to experience every room, every day.

The Rivera’s aren’t alone in choosing a place in the Eagle Terrace to call home. With many amenities and options for recreational activities nearby it’s a great neighborhood to live. For more information on properites for sale in the Eagle Terrace, please visit our website and take a peek at your next home. You can also visit our local Eagle Real Estate Office.



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