January Vail Valley Real Estate Market Is Up 14%

Market Recap – When to List Your Propertyup14

January real estate closings were up 14% from 2015 as the end of year activity stayed consistent through November and December.
Contracts are up 16.54% from a year ago, once again showing that market demand remains steady throughout many parts of the valley.  Seasonality of inventory means that we should see an increase in available properties over the course of the next few months giving buyers more options. For sellers, the spring is often considered the time to list your property for sale, however there are some unusual benefits to a winter sale, most notable is that inventory levels are below average, allowing your home to stand out from the crowd.  The caveat? The market remains price-sensitive. “Testing” higher list prices ultimately has many potential drawbacks.  If your property is priced to the market, there is a very good chance that a buyer is in waiting – but an over-priced listing may yield longer time on the market, other properties around you selling, frustration and statistically a lower final sales price. Contact me today to discuss your specific property relative to our market today.

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