2017 Year Start Vail Valley Real Estate Market Snapshot

As we take a look at the first few months of the year, we can see the market is moving at a brisk pace in a number of price-points and areas.

Overall, listings are down 13.89% compared to this time in 2016.  The number is a bit lower because of the release of all the Lion inventory in Lionshead and the project at Sylvan Circle in Eagle.  Take those out of the equation and we are down closer to 15-16% in inventory.

Contracts are up just over 4% and sold units are up just over 11%.  Sold dollar volume is up 62% and even when you take out the $23m sale in January, the sold dollar volume is still up almost 50%.

The graph below represents Residential Active Listings vs. Under Contracts and with some added black dots to the Under Contract line.  These dots represent approximately where we were (on March 20th) in each of the last 5 years relative to contracts.  The message?  We still have a lot of activity left in the spring season if the market performs as it has over the last several years. Click on the graph to enlarge.

As always, please reach out, or visit our website, if you have specific questions about an area, or would like to discuss the market in general. 

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